Midwest Composite Technologies, a leading provider in rapid prototyping and small batch production, is very pleased to announce that they have become ISO 9001:2015 certified.  With their commitment to continually improve their organization they saw that the IS0 9001 would be a great addition to a growing company.  MCT feels that this helps with their strategic direction and allows them to grown even more. MCT also feels that the certificate will also help open the door to business from more customers.

As an organization MCT went through some changes over the past few months, which also saw them bring on a new Quality Manager in order to help lead the charge to get ISO 9001 certified.  Together the management team and the employees worked hard in order to get all the necessary action items complete.  These items came about with the pre-assessment audit back in August, as well as the internal audit in September.  The company was set to go when the certification audit came up in the middle of November.  The certification audit took 2 days and went as well as expected.  On November 21, 2018 MCT received their ISO 9001:2015 certificate and are now ready for where the next step of the continual improvement journey leads the organization.

This could never have been accomplished without the commitment of management, and the hard work of everyone inside the organization.

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