Industrial designers and engineers can achieve the ultimate in full-color photorealism with prototypes using the latest in professional 3D printing at Midwest Composite Technologies.


Today, Midwest Composite Technologies announced the expansion of its prototyping facility, adding a groundbreaking full-color 3D printer to its production line of over twenty 3D printing machines. The acquisition of this technology keeps the company at the forefront of the rapid prototyping industry and achieves ultimate realism.

This next generation 3D printer, the Stratasys J750, is now available at Midwest Composite Technologies. Unlike other 3D printing technologies, the Stratasys J750 mixes six different materials together to color the part as it is being produced, creating an impressive spectrum of life-like colors—over 360,000. In 3D printing, its production speed, quality, precision, and finishing capabilities are unmatched.

“As new industry technologies impact 3D printing world, Midwest Composite Technologies remains at the forefront. The J750 is a game changer. We’re excited to be one of the very first companies in the United States to acquire this full-color 3D printing technology and proud to add it to our production line so we can continue taking prototypes to the next level with unprecedented efficiency,” said Helmut Keidl, president at Midwest Composite Technologies.

Midwest Composite Technologies is the only privately owned company offering its clients the opportunity to print on the Stratasys J750. The photorealistic prototypes created are an ideal way to prove and perfect ideas and produce physical products that feel just like the finished product. The possibilities are truly endless with 3D printing at Midwest Composite Technologies.

About Midwest Composite Technologies

Midwest Composite Technologies is a leading company in rapid prototyping and small batch production, combining stand-out, professional prototypes with unparalleled service.

For the past 40 years, Midwest Composite Technologies has been dedicated to rapid prototyping and model making. Along with full-color 3D printing, plastic, nylon, and precision metal prototypes can be created at Midwest Composite Technologies. In the Midwest and around the world, service to its customers and the latest technologies have always been at the forefront of its priorities.