Whether you need highly accurate parts, fully functional engineering prototypes, piece parts, patterns, or injection molds, Midwest Composite will work with your requirements to find the best solutions. Our extensive range of CNC machining platforms covers a wide spectrum of size and quantity requirements. We offer three-axis, five-axis, turning, and grinding capabilities from a variety of metals, plastics, and composites.

We like large parts and models. Our machining center offerings can provide machined parts and models up to 10 x 23 x 5 feet. Although others may piece together smaller parts to make a larger assembly, we build everything as one component.

Our high-speed and five-axis machines bridge the gap between what can be 3D-printed and what should be 3D-printed. These machines are great for small and intricate parts or parts that have multiple setups and operations.

Midwest Composite specializes in machining the reinforced composites that most machine shops avoid. We have vast experience in glass-filled materials such as G10, FR4, phenolics, and pultrusions.

Many materials can be used, including wood, synthetics, plastics, composites, and metals.

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