There’s a difference between creating a prototype and creating it right.

Our team of engineering experts has been partnering with leading organizations to provide the best in 3D manufacturing, rapid prototyping, plastic and metal 3D printing and on-demand production—all with an unrelenting focus on making our customers successful.

We’ve spent the last forty years deep in plastic and metal 3D printing, prototyping and model making, so we know the ins and outs. In the Midwest and around the world, our customers and the latest technologies have been at the forefront of our priorities. We’ve learned that service comes first to help our clients succeed, especially when they expect quick turnarounds.

At Midwest Composite, we know that our first responsibility in any large or expedited project is to have the ability to deliver. We always strive to have the extra capacity to say “yes, it can be done” regardless of the project’s scope. We invest heavily in our company every year, adding new equipment and technology to continually ensure and increase our delivery capacity.

When you build a relationship with Midwest Composite Technologies, you can relax knowing that we are there to support you and oversee every detail until your prototype is in your hands.

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“Midwest Composite did all our samples and prototypes. They can handle pretty much whatever you need.”
“You’re the man! Thanks again. You’re making me look good.”
“Just want to say thanks so much for your hard efforts on all these orders. You guy’s rock!”
“You are my hero!!! Thank you!!”
“Just got the parts and they look great! Thanks again for turning these around so quickly. Thanks, the prototype was well-received by our customer.”
“Thank you very much for welcoming us into your facility today! It is quite impressive and was a great experience for the whole team. We appreciate the valuable time that was dedicated to our group.”
“Thanks again for being so reliable. It’s always an easy decision to take our requests to you. All of the prototype parts that you made for me turned out perfect! Thank you again for your timely delivery and high-quality output.”
“Thanks! Such great work and a very quick turnaround. Thanks so much for getting us those SLS parts, our customer was EXTREMELY happy with the finish and send their thanks.”
“Everyone that stopped by came away very impressed with the quality and attention to detail. Our display had all of the moving parts where we could show off all of the new features. Also, the way it was packaged, there was zero damage whatsoever. Thanks again for all of your help on this!”
“I just got back into the office today to find my handles here. I opened the boxes and was really impressed! These are beautiful!”
“THANK YOU for your excellent service!!!!”
“Wanted to send you a quick email thanking you very much for your impressive work on this crazy intricate part. The parts look great and I appreciate the fast response. Thank you!”
“Thanks so much Helmut, I certainly am glad you can get it taken care of!”
“We have got a lot of tooling back from your shop and everything seems to look good. I just wanted to send you and your team a note of gratitude. Your timing and quality have been great.”

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