Rapid Prototypes
Midwest Composite Technologies has been doing rapid prototyping since 1994. We are one of the largest rapid prototyping companies in the midwest. It is our specialty. Some companies offer rapid prototyping but have little or no prototyping equipment, relying on outside vendors to meet their customers' needs.

Midwest Composite Technologies has more than four million dollars of prototyping machines in house with a variety of prototyping methods and materials to meet a wide range of prototyping requirements. We have experience creating prototypes of all sizes and shapes. We offer all these processes in-house: Parts are usually done in 24 hours, but can take several days. No part is too complex. Rapid prototypes can provide quick validation of visual and mechanical properties. For larger scale prototypes we can combine processes to get the best fit solution.

All of our rapid prototyping is done with an additive layer process where we take your CAD data and build each layer one at a time and fuse it to the previous layer yielding a three dimensional part. This is sometimes refered to as additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

Rapid prototypes can save time and money, beat your competition to market, and help you create better products in less time. You can use rapid prototypes to test for form, fit and function on a working prototype and identify errors early in the design process, prior to manufacturing.

You can see more of our rapid prototypes in our Gallery.